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Publisher : Catalina Research Inc.
Report Number : BS 085
Published : Current Issue
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Report Number BS 085

The U.S. security system service market has seen steady gains over the past two decades.  Growth, however, has been increasing at maturing rates.  Maturing growth primarily reflects the slowdown in commercial market revenues.  Residential security system service revenue growth has remained at about 7.0% annually since the late 1990s.

These and other trends are uncovered in this up-to-date Catalina First Look on Security System Services.  This First Look also provides data on revenues by service line, price trends, end-use markets, factors driving demand, employment and labor costs, and the competitive environment.  Data is compiled and analyzed from 1997 to the current year and the Executive Summary provides a five year forecast.

The contents below shows the significant data and information included in this Catalina First Look.  Look it over, place your order at our website, call or email, and receive your Catalina First Look promptly.  You will find it a valuable planning tool.



  • U.S. market sales
  • Factors driving demand
  • Residential versus commercial work
  • Competitive environment
  • Outlook and five year forecast


  • U.S. revenues and growth analysis
  • Revenues from residential versus commercial customers
  • Service price trends
  • Revenues by type of service: security system services, other security services, locksmiths, and other service providers


  • Consumer security system services
  • Alarm sales trends
  • New and existing home sales
  • Nonresidential building construction spending


  • Number of security system services and revenues
  • Revenues from installation and repairs, monitoring services, other services, and product sales
  • Total employees, hourly wages, and revenues per employee


  • Number of security system services by type of channel
  • Share of U.S. revenues for the top service providers
  • Number of service providers by region
  • Leading competitor revenues trends

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