Ceramic and Stone Tile

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Publisher : Catalina Research Inc.
Report Number : FC 102
Published : January 2019
Pages : 30 pages Executive Summaries, 47 Data Tables
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Released January 2019

Catalina Research announces the release of the Catalina Report on Ceramic and Stone Tile. This fact-filled annual market review provides the action-oriented executive with up-to-date information on North American and World markets, and ceramic and stone tile’s position in the U.S. floor coverings and hard surface flooring markets. Each page will assist the ceramic and stone tile executive exploit growing product lines, review the supply chain and new technologies, strengthen distribution, penetrate end-use markets, maximize plant profit margins, and plan for 2019 and beyond.

Catalina Reports contain the timely data that allows users to evaluate market size, growth potential, sources of supply, end-use markets, distribution channels, profitability, market share, and the competitive environment. So turn to a Catalina Report when developing strategies to take advantage of residential and nonresidential demand, shifting distribution channels, and new tile product trends.

The content matter shows the significant data and information included in this report. Catalina summarizes this vast wealth of information to clearly point to the pertinent industry trends. Look it over, fill out the order form, and receive your Catalina Report promptly. You will find it a valuable planning tool.



  • Sales in dollars and square feet
  • Ceramic and stone tile’s share of total U.S. floor coverings and hardsurface market sales
  • Tile price trends
  • Ceramic versus stone tile growth trends
  • Floor versus wall tile sales and porcelain versus ceramic tile sales
  • Innovations in digital printed designs and large format tile panels

U.S. SOURCE OF SUPPLY (1997-2018)

  • Ceramic tile square foot and dollar domestic shipments
  • Ceramic tile square foot and dollar imports
  • Total ceramic tile import costs: product, insurance, freight, and tariff charges
  • Import’s share of U.S. market sales
  • Import price trends
  • Ceramic tile imports for the 10 top countries of origin
  • Imports of engineered stone tiles


  • Residential and nonresidential purchases of ceramic and stone tiles
  • New construction and remodeling markets
  • Builder tile purchases per new housing unit
  • Ceramic and stone tile sales by type of retailer
  • Floor & Decor and The Tile Shop tile sales


  • Number of contactors, revenues, and material costs
  • Work by type of building
  • Contractor employment & wage trends
  • Contractor revenues for new construction, remodeling, and repair work
  • Revenues per square foot of tile installed


  • Housing starts, permits, and factory-built homes
  • Size and price of new homes
  • Square feet of new homes built
  • Existing home sales trends
  • Number of new and replacement kitchens and bathrooms
  • Interest rates and personal income
  • Residential remodeling spending and building material retailer sales
  • Nonresidential construction spending by building type


  • Total world ceramic tile production
  • Production and exports for top 10 countries
  • Consumption for 10 leading markets
  • Mohawk’s ceramic tile sales and production of ten leading global suppliers
  • Square foot and dollar U.S. ceramic tile exports
  • Export price trends
  • Export’s share of U.S. shipments
  • Exports by major country of destination


  • Plant costs and profit margins
  • Number of domestic manufacturers
  • Plant labor situation
  • Capital expenditures
  • Market shares for 8 leading U.S. competitors

Table of Contents

Table Of Contents

Executive Summary and Outlook
Market Size and Growth
Source of Supply
End-Use Markets
Retail Distribution Channels

U.S. Ceramic and Stone Tile Market Trends (Section 1)
Sales Trends and Share of U.S. Floor Coverings Market
Floor versus Wall Tiles
Porcelain versus Ceramic Tile
Digitally-Printed Designs
Large Format Tile Panels

U.S. Source of Supply (Section 2)
Ceramic Tile Sourcing by Country of Origin
U.S. Ceramic Tile Imports
U.S. Ceramic Tile Shipments
Stone Tile Sourcing

Ceramic and Stone Tile End-Use Markets (Sections 3 and 6)
End-Use Market Trends
Builder Market Trends
Commercial Market Trends
Residential Replacement Market Trends

Retail Channels (Section 4)
Ceramic and Stone Tile Retail Sales Trends
Home Center Channel
Hard Surface Flooring Retail Channel
Manufacturer Tile Sales Service Networks
Specialty Floor Coverings Store Channel

Installation Business (Section 5)
Ceramic and Stone Tile Installation Revenues
Installation Revenues by Type of Work and Building
Ceramic Tile Contractor Cost Structure and Profitability
Ceramic Tile Contractor Labor Situation
Installation Product Market and Leading Suppliers

Ceramic Tile Industry Competitive Environment and Profitability (Section 7)
Competitive Environment
Capital Expenditures
Plant Profit Margins

World Markets and U.S. Exports (Section 8)
World Ceramic Tile Production and Major Producing Countries
World Ceramic Tile Exports
World Ceramic Tile Consumption
Leading Global Manufacturers
U.S. Ceramic Tile Exports

Scope and Methodology

Section Tables and Data Analysis
Section 1: U.S. Tile Market Trends, 1997-2024
Table 1-1: U.S. Dollar and Square Foot Tile Sales
Table 1-2: U.S. Dollar and Square Foot Ceramic Tile Sales
Table 1-3: U.S. Dollar and Square Foot Stone Tile Sales
Table 1-4: Ceramic and Stone Tiles Percent of Total U.S. Floor Coverings and Hard Surface Sales

Section 2: U.S. Source of Supply- Domestic Shipments and Imports, 1997-2018
Table 2-1: U.S Ceramic Tile Factory Shipments
Table 2-2: U.S. Ceramic Tile Imports
Table 2-3: Import's Share of Total U.S. Ceramic Tile Sales
Table 2-4: Percent of Imports by Type of Cost- Product, Insurance and Freight, and Tariff Charges
Table 2-5: Value of U.S. Ceramic Tile Imports by Major Country of Origin
Table 2-6: Quantity U.S. Ceramic Tile Imports by Major Country of Origin
Table 2-7: Average Value Per Square Foot Imported by Major Country of Origin
Table 2-8: Percent U.S. Ceramic Tile Supply for the Top Seven Countries of Origin
Table 2-9: U.S. Imports of Agglomerated Stone Tiles

Section 3: U.S. End-Use Market Purchases, 1997-2018
Table 3-1: U.S. Ceramic Tile Purchases by End-Use Market
Table 3-2: Percent Total Ceramic Tile Purchases by End-Use Market
Table 3-3: U.S. Stone Tile Purchases by End-Use Market
Table 3-4: Percent Total Stone Tile Purchases by End-Use Market
Table 3-5: Builder Purchases Per Housing Unit Completed

Section 4: U.S. Retail Channels, 2014- 2018
Table 4-1: U.S. Ceramic and Stone Tile Retail Sales by Channel
Table 4-2: Percent Total Ceramic and Stone Tile Retail Sales by Channel
Table 4-3: Floor & Decor Tile and Natural Stone Sales
Table 4-4: The Tile Shop Tile Sales

Section 5: U.S. Installation Business, 1997-2018
Table 5-1: U.S. Ceramic Tile Installation Revenues and Revenues Per Square Foot Installed
Table 5-2: Number and Revenues of U.S. Ceramic Tile Contractors
Table 5-3: Percent Total Construction Revenues by Type of Building
Table 5-4: Percent Total Construction Revenues by Type of Work
Table 5-5: U.S. Ceramic Tile Contractor Employment and Labor Costs
Table 5-6: U.S. Interior Stone Work Installation Revenues

Section 6: Factors Driving U.S. Demand, 1997-2018
Table 6-1: U.S. Building Construction Spending
Table 6-2: U.S. Housing Construction Trends
Table 6-3: Square Feet of New U.S. Housing Constructed
Table 6-4: U.S. Existing Home Sales
Table 6-5: U.S. Residential Kitchen and Bathroom Installations
Table 6-6: Other Factors Driving Residential Demand
Table 6-7: U.S. Nonresidential Building Construction Spending by Building Type

Section 7: U.S. Plant Profitability and Market Competitive Environment, 1997-2018
Table 7-1: Number and Revenues of U.S. Ceramic Tile Plants
Table 7-2: Plant Operating Ratios and Profit Margins
Table 7-3: U.S. Ceramic Tile Plant Labor Situation
Table 7-4: U.S. Ceramic Tile Plant Capital Expenditures
Table 7-5: Market Share For Leading U.S. Ceramic Tile Manufacturers and Marketers
Table 7-6: Mohawk's Global Ceramic Tile Sales and Profitability and U.S. Sales

Section 8: World Markets and U.S. Exports, 2007-2018
Table 8-1: World Ceramic Tile Production and Top Ten Producing Countries
Table 8-2: Ceramic Tile Consumption For The Top Ten Markets
Table 8-3: Ceramic Tile Exports For Top Ten Supplying Countries
Table 8-4: U.S. Ceramic Tile Exports
Table 8-5: Value of U.S. Ceramic Tile Exports For The Top Five Countries of Destination
Table 8-6: Production For Ten Leading Global Ceramic Tile Manufacturers




U.S. ceramic and stone tile sales are estimated to reach $5.7 billion and3.9 billion square feet during 2019. Ceramic and stone tile sales haveoutpaced the gains in the overall floor coverings industry over the pastdecade. Inroads have been led by the above average gains in the ceramictile market. Ceramic tile sales have been driven by the housing recoveryand technological innovations. Digital printed designs offer ceramic tilebuyers stone, wood, and other looks, and large format tiles offer buyers awider array of applications such as countertops. These higher-end productsare more likely to be manufactured in domestic plants since foreign-basedcompetitors have made significant investments in U.S. production capacity.These investments also led to increased manufacturing efficiency and higherU.S. ceramic tile plant profit margins. During 2019, domestic andforeign-based suppliers are expected to increase dependence on residentialreplacement and commercial markets as the builder market weakens. Thebuilder market could lose share due to declines in housing starts andpermits in late 2018. Ceramic and stone tile sales are projected toincrease 4.5% to 5.0% annually in dollars and square feet over the nextfive years.

Catalina Research uncovered these trends in our annual market review on theU.S. ceramic and stone tile industry. The report covers the U.S. sales indollars and square feet. Catalina has calculated ceramic and stone tile’sposition in the U.S. floor coverings and hard surface flooring. Catalinaalso conducted a comparative analysis of ceramic and stone tile prices. Thereport consists of 30 pages of summaries and analysis and 47 data tables.

A separate section evaluates U.S. shipments and imports. Catalina alsoestimated the market for porcelain and ceramic tiles and floor and walltiles. Import shipments are tracked by country of origin. As part of ouranalysis, Catalina calculated U.S. tile sales by country of origin. Thereis also an analysis of tile pricing by country of origin, as well asinsurance, freight, and tariff costs faced by importers. In addition,Catalina reviewed the product strategies of the major competitors includingthe introduction of digitally-designed stone and wood looks, andinvestments in new U.S. production capacity.

Ceramic and stone tile sales are provided for residential andnonresidential markets and for new construction and remodeling markets.End-use market trends are correlated with U.S. housing demand, homeownerimprovement construction spending, kitchen and bathroom remodelingprojects, characteristics of new homes, nonresidential constructionspending, mortgage interest rates, and other economic indicators to uncoverthe factors driving demand and provide insights into the direction ofdomestic sales in 2019 and beyond.

Ceramic and stone tile distribution is analyzed by type of outlet. Thespecialty floor covering store, home center, and tile showroom channels areevaluated to indicate the shifts in retail sales channels. The marketshares of the leading retailers are evaluated. In addition, the tilecontractor business is analyzed by type of building and by type of work.Contractor costs and profitability are evaluated as well.

Catalina analyzed world output, and the tile market in major producing andconsuming countries. The manufacturing base and domestic demand werereviewed for the Chinese, Brazilian, Indian, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese,and other markets. Catalina also included ceramic tile production for 10leading global manufacturers. U.S. exports are analyzed by major country ofdestination.

In addition, Catalina Research examined the cost structure andprofitability of U.S. ceramic tile plants. Data trends are compiled formaterial, labor, and capital inputs. Catalina supplemented industry datawith sales of 8 leading U.S.- and foreign-based manufactures. Catalina usedthis data to calculate leading supplier market shares. Catalina reviewedcompany products, manufacturing and distribution, capital investments, andacquisitions to uncover competitive strategies. Executives are urged toreview the growth- and profit-oriented strategies of leading worldwideceramic tile manufactures and compare their company’s own performance tothe industry averages.

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