First Look Hot Topics

Catalina Research offers action-oriented executives, consultants, Wall Street investors, and other researchers an efficient and low-cost way to compile and analyze up-to-date pertinent industry information.  Catalina Research utilizes our expertise in compiling and analyzing, estimating and forecasting, and extracting insightful findings to provide reports on a wide range of Building Materials and Equipment, Furniture and Furnishings, Building Services, and related industries.
Choose a Hot Topic to analyze the size and growth of a market you may want to enter, compare the cost structure and profitability of your company to the industry averages, evaluate the competitive environment, and uncover the factors driving demand.

See our extensive list of First Look Hot Topics or have one customized to your individual needs.  First Look Hot Topics can be customized, ordered on demand, and can be updated as often as you like.

In fact, First Looks can be designed to provide your company with a personalized industry newsletter.  The data and information will be delivered by email and is in a spreadsheet format for easy manipulation and insertion into presentations.  As part of each First Look, a summary of the major findings will be included.  Ask us about having Catalina Research deliver a First Look on your industry or market of interest.

First Look Hot Topics:

Catalina Research provides in-depth market research on construction materials, building equipment, home furnishings, consumer products, industrial equipment, energy and infrastructure products and other industries. Each complete report or study section includes information on market size and growth, end-use markets, distribution channels, international trade, plant profitability, the competitive environment, and leading company strategies. Catalina Reports are used to evaluate a market's growth prospects and profitability, investigate target markets, gauge the potential of new products, and uncover acquisition candidates.